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Why the EHEDG World Congress 2018 should be in your diary

In November 2018, the EHEDG World Congress comes to the UK for the first time. Here the Divisional Managing Director of ACO Building Drainage in the UK and Ireland, Andy Buchan, explains why the Congress is a must-attend event for Britain’s food and drink manufacturers.

Firstly, who or what is EHEDG?
EHEDG (The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) is a consortium of equipment manufacturers, food industries, leading research institutes and public health authorities that collaborate to promote and improve food hygiene during every stage of food manufacture and processing. EHEDG has a global reach that spans more than 55 countries, and is a major force for good within the food industry. It is clearly important to promote greater understanding for hygienic design and improve levels of hygiene control, and EHEDG is an effective partner for manufacturers wanting to achieve these goals.

What does EHEDG do?
EHEDG was set up to provide best practice guidance on hygienic engineering and design for food equipment manufactured in or imported into Europe. Its network of experts disseminates knowledge on the design, installation and ‘cleanability’ of components and also helps to specify best practices for hygienic operations, supply and maintenance.

How does EHEDG support food and drinks manufacturers?
EHEDG supports the food and drinks industry in four ways: It provides engineering guidance and advice based on the very latest academic research and best practice; delivers training to members; creates test procedures for equipment certification and contributes to European legislation. EHEDG is an invaluable source of guidance and advice.

At any one time it has more than 350 experts working worldwide, developing new or updating previous Technical Guidelines. To date it has published more than 40 of these on subjects as diverse as the principles of hygienic drainage, air handling and food-grade lubricants. As recognised experts in hygienic drainage, ACO has contributed to technical guidelines and provides guidance and advice to the EHEDG Technical Committee.

What’s the EHEDG World Congress?
The EHEDG World Congress is held every two years and provides members of EHEDG with an opportunity to learn about the very latest developments in hygienic engineering and design and its contribution to food safety, hear about examples of best practice and obtain the findings of new research undertaken by some of the world’s leading academic bodies. It’s also a great opportunity for members to meet and network with their counterparts from all over the globe. Historically more than 300 high-level delegates attend the EHEDG World Congress events.

Why is this year’s World Congress so important for the British food industry?
For the first time, the World Congress is being held in the UK. This gives British food and drinks manufacturers the opportunity to learn more about best practice in hygienic engineering and design, hear about the practical application of hygienic design from major manufacturers such as Nestle and network with their European colleagues.

Where and when is World Congress 2018 being held?
The Congress is being hosted by the EHEDG UK & Ireland regional section and will run from the 21 to the 22 of November at the ExCeL exhibition centre alongside the Food Matters Live exhibition. ACO is a founder member of this regional section and works alongside other member organisations including Vikan, SMC, Wirebelt, Holchem and Campden BRI to run the section.

Where can people obtained more information?
More information about World Congress 2018 is available on the EHEDG World Congress website. As founder members of EHEDG UK & Ireland and long term supporters of EHEDG, we will also be posting updates here on our website, on our twitter feed (@ACO_Industrial) and on the ACO Industrial Drainage LinkedIn page.

Andy Buchan
Divisional Managing Director
of ACO Building Drainage in the UK and Ireland