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ACO high capacity drainage solutions, a wide portfolio of products with many features

High capacity drainage products offer significant advantages to food and beverage production facilities. Innovative ACO product solutions are designed to handle large volumes of liquid waste efficiently, ensuring impeccable hygiene standards. By effectively managing wastewater, they minimize the risk of bacterial growth and contamination, safeguarding product integrity and consumer safety.

In Food or Beverage productions, certain amounts of organic waste like meat, vegetable leafs, or solids like etiquettes, glass shards or bones frequently fall down on the floor and clog the conventional silt basket in very short time, demanding frequent maintenance. As the water cannot drain away, it causes delays in production, compromise work safety conditions and the risk of contamination is greatly increased.

By incorporating these innovative solutions, businesses can optimize their processes, uphold hygiene standards, and thrive in the dynamic food and beverage industry.

Introducing new ACO slot channel 20, the next generation cleanable slot channel for uncompromising hygiene

Roof drainage in the context of food and beverage production