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Why drainage matters?

We at ACO are committed to ultimate hygienic performance. We believe drainage matters and can play critical role in overall food safety.

Drainage is a critical component affecting the hygienic performance of food production facilities, intercepting and conveying fluids from a variety of sources while also providing a barrier function used to segregate areas and separate the internal environment from the sewer. Drain components can be considered ‘environmental surfaces’ – with no direct food contact but with clear potential to act as a source of contamination. Studies indicate that drains are reservoirs for pathogenic bacteria; of particular concern is Listeria monocytogenes. In 1990, a survey within a high-risk food processing plant showed that 40% of 10,000 Listeria-contaminated swabs were from floors and drains, emphasizing the risks these areas present to a food processing factory. It is therefore essential that care is taken in the specification and installation of any drainage element in the floor.

See our short animation which illustrates why drainage matters.