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The Secret of our Success

As ACO Industries celebrates its 25th year in Pribyslav in the Czech Republic, we look at why the business has become a leading drainage provider.

1. Acquired back in 1993 from a local agricultural equipment manufacturer, ACO Industries’ manufacturing facility has benefited from significant and continued investment during the last 25 years. Key landmarks in its history include the rebuilding of the site, the construction of new manufacturing areas in 2000 and the creation of a hot-dip galvanising plant in 2007.

In line with the overall commitment which ACO Group has to manufacturing excellence worldwide, todays manufacturing facility uses the very latest state-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing processes, including advanced automation equipment, laser cutting machinery and robotic welding.

2. High levels of research and development
Whether ACO is developing market-leading hygienic drainage systems or looking to optimise the performance of drainage for a major commercial project, the decisions it makes about product design and manufacturing, are led by the findings of the very latest research. ACO invests in the commissioning of independent research undertaken by organisations such as the renowned Fraunhofer Institute and also has its own in-house R&D team comprising more than 20 people. ACO Pribyslav also partners with organisations such as SIKA to conduct research into key issues which affect drainage performance and to ensure the recommendations it gives to customers are evidence-led.

3. A global network
With offices in more than 40 countries, the ACO Industries’ team is able to work with other ACO teams across the world to share knowledge and best practice. Our global network means we can draw upon our collective customer and market sector knowledge to develop our product portfolio further and to ensure our products and services meet customer needs. We are also able to collaborate globally with organisations including Coca Cola and Nestle to learn more about current and future drainage requirements.

4. A commitment to excellence
Like the rest of the ACO Group, ACO Industries is committed to excellence in every part of its organisation ranging from R&D to customer service. Our products are designed in accordance with the best practice guidance of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and most recently, we invested in a new international logistics centre with optimised stock levels. We are also one of ACO Group’s core competence centres and are actively involved with the creation of new centres of excellence across the world.

5. Our people
Our people are undoubtedly our most valuable asset. Many of the team have worked with ACO in Pribyslav since the site was first established reflecting our commitment to the reward and ongoing development of our people. We also work hard to ensure we embody the core values of ACO Group culture – authenticity, a sense of family and a commitment to strive for peak performance.