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Is your drainage fanning the fire?

It might not be obvious at first sight but drainage installations in buildings can act as fire channels.

ACO hygienic gullies and ACO hygienic box channels which are installed with the ACO fire protective kit can be connected to any kind of sewerage outlet regardless of the material which it’s made from whether that be stainless steel, cast iron or plastic. As long as all of the mentioned components for internal and external protect are used, the ACO fire protection kit will function correctly. Depending on the particular application and the materials used, fire prevention can be achieved for up to 120 minutes.

To address this issue, ACO has developed a solution which prevents the spread of fire and high temperatures across different floors in which ACO drainage products are installed. When heat is detected, fire prevention inserts close the outlet sockets of the floor gullies. This reliably prevents any further spreading of smoke and increases in temperature on other floors. In addition, floor gullies made from stainless steel do not present any fire risk.

The ACO fire protective kit can be used with telescopic vertical or fixed height vertical ACO hygienic gullies and with ACO hygienic box channels, consisting of following items: