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Grease separation for the hotel industry

Regulations regarding the amount of grease contained in waste water entering the sewer system are often the most common reason why hotels choose to separate fats, oils and grease (FOG) but hoteliers should also be aware that FOG has the potential to cause serious damage to the reputation of the hotel. When solidified grease accumulates over time in pipework, it can flood a hotel’s premises with waste water that has either backed up in a blocked pipe or come from a ruptured pipe as a result of this issue - a costly mishap that can put any hotel out of business for a long period of time.

If hygiene is important to your business, it’s not enough to simply install good drainage. You also need to do the following if you are going to successfully mitigate the risk of harmful bacteria living in your drains.

Slips Trips and Falls are the common bywords associated with issues in the commercial kitchen. When it comes to drainage, the hotel industry has its own specific requirements. Unlike new emerging industries, which are built from the ground up, hotel establishments have often been in business for many years and are commonly based in older, long-established buildings. When hotels decide to update their drainage system, they also need to make all of these changes discretely, not to interrupt the operations of the hotel, respect the comfort of their guests and retain the building’s existing infrastructure.

At ACO, we pride ourselves in being familiar with the needs of our clients and that’s why we offer a complete integrated industrial drainage solution which over time has proven to be effective for all aspects and areas of the hotel industry. ACO’s grease management solution brings many innovative features that in the long run will benefit hotel managers, their clientele and residents in surrounding areas. Device sensors automatically detect levels of separated layers and, at the right time, send information via the separator’s GSM module to highlight the need for maintenance. Remote control and internal cleaning jets do not require service engineers to open or clean the separator, making this a valuable aspect in places where hygiene is a top priority. In addition, our deodorization system ensures that no unpleasant odors enter the ventilation system. This is achieved by adding a biodegradable agent which neutralizes any bad odours during the separation process.

When used in combination with ACO waste disposal products, our grease separators also require virtually no maintenance, making them an ideal and cost effective solution for any hotel kitchen.