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’Get More From Your Floor’

ACO hosts educational campaign to help food service industry achieve outstanding hygienic performance with drainage

ACO is to launch its ’Get More From Your Floor’ campaign at this year’s HOST exhibition in Milan (23th to 27th October 2015). Created to raise awareness for the impact poorly designed and incompatible flooring and drainage can have on hygiene in a commercial kitchen environment, the campaign underlines ACO’s commitment to raising awareness for the need for high quality drainage and its impact on hygienic performance.

Visitors to HOST will be able to talk to ACO’s team of design and specification experts as well as obtain a free copy of ACO’s “Drainage Guide for Commercial Kitchens” – a book of best practice advice regarding drainage design and specification which has been written by professional expert and FCSI Consultant Duncan Hepburn.

An educational ’Get More For Your Floor’ video will also available to view via ACO’s HygieneFirst website at

Michal Bačkovský of ACO comments: “We understand the importance of drainage design when it comes to food hygiene, public health and ultimately the success of any business operating in the food service and commercial kitchen sector.”

“As part of our HygieneFirst approach, we apply the same standards to hygienic drainage as the industry does to food contact surfaces and, when we’re designing our products, we incorporate EHEDG’s principles of hygienic design along with the findings of the very latest academic research, industry best practice guidance and feedback from end users.”

“Our ‘Get More For Your Floor’ campaign is part of an ongoing programme of activities we are undertaking to help educate the food service sector about the risks of poor drainage. It focusses specifically on the need to consider the compatibility of the flooring and drainage specified in order to optimise hygiene in a commercial kitchen environment. It also aims to highlight the pitfalls of not doing so which include, for example, an increased risk of bacterial harbourage, microbial contamination and the accumulation of contaminated water and other liquids.”