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Drainage protection at its best

As part of the ongoing development of its HygieneFirst philosophy, ACO has launched a range of ACO protective covers. Designed to make installation of ACO drainage systems as easy as possible, the covers protect drainage systems from damage and maximise on-site safety for construction workers.

ACO covers protect drainage from general construction site debris and excess materials such as mortar which, when accidently introduced to the drainage system, can cause damage to channels and gullies and result in unnecessary cleaning costs. In many cases, solid waste pollution is so severe that excess materials can clog an outlet or pipe system completely and a costly restoration process then has to be undertaken to restore the drainage to its original state.

Certified to withstand the weight of a person, the covers also help optimise workforce safety by enabling workers to safely and easily move around a site without the need to look out for the uneven terrain, gaps and empty spaces that can be created in a floor by unprotected drains. Although this problem could be solved by installing gratings at the same time as drainage, the gratings would fail to protect the inside of the drainage from on-site debris. Gratings can also be exposed to a risk of theft on any building site.

Made from recyclable OSB wooden desks, ACO protective covers are easy to dispose of and pose no threat to the environment.