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ACO launches new hygienic slot cover

ACO has introduced a new slot cover design – one of four new products the company is adding to its range of hygienically designed drainage. The latest addition to the ACO gratings range, delivers multiple operational benefits and is particularly well suited for use in meat processing facilities.

Enabling users to cover a drainage channel almost completely, the new slot cover prevents debris from entering silt baskets and drainage channels. This prevents blockages and, by ensuring the separation of debris from waste water, also reduces the amount of ongoing maintenance and cleaning required.

In addition, the cover’s fully welded ribs mean hygienic performance is optimised while the cover’s low weight makes opening the cover easier and safer. The new cover’s smooth surface also makes it ideal for use in areas where forklifts or trolleys with small wheels are operated.

Incorporating the best practice hygienic engineering and design principles advocated by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) and developed in line with ACO’s HygieneFirst philosophy, ACO’s range of hygienically designed drainage has proved extremely popular with specifiers and end users working in hygienically sensitive environments since its launch in 2014. The latest range additions have been developed to meet the specific requirements of customers working in the food and drink manufacturing, and foodservice sectors.

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