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New ACO waste management products

ACO waste trap

ACO waste filter for box channels

As part of the newly introduced waste management products, the new ACO waste filter is a suitable and convenient solution for already installed box channels.

The ACO waste filter has similar functionality to the ACO waste trap baskets for separation of high amount of waste during food production and preparation process. Available as a semi-standard solution, the ACO waste filter is compatible with certain channel widths and heights.

ACO gully portfolio extension

ACO hygienic gully 315

New ACO hygienic gully 218 variants for higher flow rate

The next introduction in the product segment of high capacity drainage is the new version of ACO gully 218, the ACO hygienic gully 218 extra flow. The gully body is extended to allow for better flow rate and is offered in two variants. The first variant is equiped with waste filter basket and standard foul air trap for effective filtration of high amount of waste. The second option is equiped with new extended foul air trap.

The configuration of extended gully body with extended foul air trap also reaches better flow rates of up to 9,5 litres per second against the standard 5 litres per second for the conventional ACO gully 218 body height, when performing under typical use conditions.

The new ACO gully 218 extra flow is available in both vertical and horizontal outlet orientation versions.

ACO hygienic gully 218 extra flow in product catalogue

The option with new extended foul air trap is suitable for applications demanding high flow rate.

The option with waste filter basket and standard foul air trap is suitable for managing high amounts of waste.

ACO hygienic gully 218 with round gully top

Last year, ACO Building Drainage launched round gully top product variants as part of portfolio extension for ACO hygienic gully 157 product group.

The round gully top was launched to complement traditional square shape of ACO gully tops. The new round design is suitable for use with an industrial resin floor as it is likely to prevent cracking of floor near the sharp edges of the drain.

The round top gully design is also available as a version of ACO gully top for telescopic solutions along with round variants of standard hygienic gratings portfolio.

ACO hygienic gully 218 round in product catalogue