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HUUSKES Netherlands

Founded in 1956, Huuskes originally delivered meat products in Enschede and the surrounding area. Today, its head office is still based in Enschede and it also has several plants in The Netherlands based at Nijkerk, Beuningen, Winschoten, Apeldoorn, Oldenzaal which in total employ 800 people.

With a turnover of around 100-million Euros, Huuskes product range has expanded greatly over the decades and it now includes a comprehensive assortment of chilled, fresh, frozen and convenience products. The company’s manufacturing processes adhere to the quality standards set by ISO9001, HACCP and Skal, and its customers include catering establishments, hospitality companies and care institutions.

The core principles of Huuskes are to make fresh products and offer a high level of delivery reliability. They are their own butcher and they process vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese and make meals in their modern convenience kitchens so they can deliver a complete package for this customers.

The philosophy of Huuskes is “nature is our supplier”.

ACO was asked to provide a bespoke solution for the refurbishment of Huuskes commercial kitchen area.


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Refreshing Kitchen Huuskes Winschoten

Huuskes Winschoten


The Netherlands

October 2014

ACO Doetinchem (Netherlands)

Commercial Kitchen


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