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Drainage for Breweries

ACO understands how challenging it is for you to ensure effective daily operations in your business. Your drainage should form part of a system in these operations that is non-disruptive to ensure water and safety efficiency.

With many years of experience, our team is committed to ensuring all aspects of proper drainage systems are designed, manufactured and catered to your business to bring you, your customers and your operations peace of mind.

By taking a rounded approach, we are helping our clients all around the world with:

  • establishing better production efficiencies and lower operational costs with easy to clean products
  • enhance product and employee safety
  • provide ultimate range of stainless steel drainage products with improved product lifecycle, easy installation, maintenance and warranty for every brewery area
  • certificated drainage that fulfill all necessary norms and regulations
  • full customer care and local support from design consulting to onsite installation support

ACO’s commitment to optimal hygienic performance

Technology and craftsmanship are at the heart of our business. ACO has extensive experience with drainage product development and manufacturing, making it our core competence and part of our company’s DNA. ACO employs extensive research and innovations in product development. From initial design to final surface treatment, we secure the quality to deliver the optimal hygienic drainage.



Product Group

Autodesk Revit Version

Floor drainage
ACO hygienic gullies (International)--DownloadDownloadDownload
ACO hygienic box channels (International)DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
ACO Passavant gullies – made of cast iron (International)----Download
ACO Easyflow gullies – made of plastic (International)----Download
Wall protection
ACO kerb (International)-DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Roof and parking deck drainage
ACO Spin – gravity roof drainage made of stainless steel (International)----Download
ACO Passavant – gravity roof drainage made of cast iron (International)----Download
ACO Jet – siphonic roof drainage made of cast iron (International)----Download
ACO parking deck gullies – made of cast iron (International)----Download
Pipe systems
ACO pipe – stainless steel pipe system (International)----Download
ACO GM-X – galvanized steel pipe system (International)----Download
Building Materials
ACO access covers (International)----Download