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ACO Grease Capture
Grease separator

Commercial kitchens are challenging working environments and regardless of whether you operate a sizeable school or hotel kitchen or are the owner manager of a small catering establishment, FOG can have major impact on your business. Protect your commercial kitchen using an ACO Grease Capture Unit which provides outstanding FOG removal efficiency due to its unique two chamber separation and coalescence gap system. With its compact design it can be used in food service establishments where space is limited and a larger grease separator cannot be installed. The ACO Grease Capture complements our grease separators product range of below ground installation separators, free-standing installation separators, mobile-deployment grease separators and ACO Grease Trap.

What is FOG?

FOG is the abbreviation for the fats, oils and grease which are found in the wastewater produced by kitchens. FOG comprises fats, oil, grease created by food debris, fats and oils used in the cooking process, and the washing of food equipment, utensils and crockery. All kitchens produce wastewater which contains fats, oils and greases (FOG) as well as food debris.

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