ACO Drainage System Assessment

The DSA identifies drainage issues found and describes their impact on production from the point of view of:

  1. Hygiene
  2. Safety (employee health and safety, and product safety risks)
  3. Operations (production continuity risks)

The ACO Drainage System Assessment (ACO DSA) comprises a complex evaluation of the existing drainage system and surrounding environment including production and service technologies and its impact on potential risks within food precessing plants. This evaluation also covers risks arising from drainage integration, and floor and wall quality.

The opinions of our expert team, the views of the client, local experience and industry best practice are considered when identifying current and potential risks. Any issues found are processed by means of ACO‘s original software applications and a Corrective Action Plan is released to minimise all risks, develop more effective maintenance schedules and, if required, propose future investments to the client.

DSA process

ACO‘s team undertake a holistic evaluation of the drainage system and relevant factory infrastructure. In preparation for this, we ask customers to provide key information and data in advance, including details of the plant and equipment layout, the information technology employed, the floor structure and operational data.

Collected data is evaluated in ACO’s DSA system for review by our team of hygienic engineering and design experts.

This team analyses the information and the evaluates drainage systems’ performance against the key performance criteria required by your facility.

They then compile key recommendations. These recommendations are presented to and evaluated with the customer’s team against its own production processes and local requirements.

A team of hygienic engineering and design experts identifykey risk points within the drainage system and compilea list of recommendations to address these issues and optimisehygienic performance. These recommendations are presentedto and evaluated with the customer’s team against its ownproduction process and local requirements.

Final reports

Comprehensive reports will highlight key issues and potentialas agreed with the client. ACO will provide a corrective actionplan as agreed with the customer.