Integrated system: quick installation and easy maintenance


ACO provides their customer with unique services which will help any industrial operation or commercial building to set up drainage systems correctly to prevent future deterioration. We evaluate current drainage performance as well as help you with specification of drainage and accessories in new facilities. We will make sure that drainage systems will compliment current or planned technology, traffic within the operation and assess any other possible risks. In a single report we can supply risk assessments, corrective measures and an action plan for your consideration.

Drainage System Assessment

The ACO Drainage System Assessment (ACO DSA) comprises a complex evaluation of the existing drainage system and surrounding environment including production and service technologies and its impact on potential risks within food precessing plants.

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ACO service chain


At ACO we design a high performance drainage system that meets the specific needs of beverage production facilities. We will make sure that every aspect of your drainage project meets the highest standards including the provision of BIM files for specification.


  • Assembly:
    ACO products are designed to minimise assembly time and related costs as well as ease commissioning post installation.
  • Installation support on site:
    ACO team can be on-hand throughout the installation of your drainage system to provide guidance and best practice advice.
  • Welding on site:
    New, recently introduced connection method enables installers to hygienically weld together long sections of drainage channel on site and is perfect for use in hygienically sensitive environments.

Maintenance support

The ACO team will evaluate the effectiveness of your existing cleaning programme and provide maintenance recommendations through our partners, regarding cleaning procedures and chemicals which should be used to keep your drainage system clean.


We share the global expertise of the ACO Group with dealers, planners, architects and installers, who place a big emphasis on quality. We invite you to profit from our expertise and attend a number of our CPD trainings organized by us.