Drainage system assessment

DSA is an independent consultative activity. Our service team is capable to assess the food production environment with focus on drainage system, floors, walls, general cleanliness and facility (technology) layout. There are three main aspects assessed: Hygiene, Safety (Health and Safety and Food Safety) and Operation (Operational Continuity). Based on these findings our service team generates a protocol and recommends a corrective action plan.


DSA is an independent observation and evaluation of entire food production process especially in regard of wastewater management and its interaction with drainage system. The outcome of the DSA is a comprehensive report and corrective action plan (CAP) that enables:

  • Better understanding of drainage system function/malfunction
  • Definition of weak points (nonconformities) in production area in regard of Hygiene, operator’s Safety and Operation – production/business continuity
  • Definition of corrective action plan with basic timeline (urgent, midterm, long-term)
  • Definition of standard solutions/action (e.g. set up SOP, basic maintenance, simple refurbishment projects etc.)
  • Definition of customized solutions based on current situation on customer site that reflects facility and production layout, production schedule, CAPEX, hygienic standards/requirements….


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