Healthy drainage and waste water system means healthy business

Do you want to have a perfectly functioning drainage or waste water system and save overall costs?

We are a reliable partner on the market, which not only produces drainage and fat separation solutions, but also design, plan or is able to help with welding and installation.

Our team with extensive experience in the field of hygiene, industrial food, beverage preparation and wastewater treatment is available to support you.

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Drainage system assessment

Do you need to solve the outflow of water from food technology? Do you want to know how to repair cracks in the drainage connection to the floor effectively? Are you planning a renovation or a new project? Are you interested in how to reduce the concentration of undesirable substances in the output - oil, fats, yeast, solids or other undesirable substances?

No matter what products you use, our team will go through all the difficulties with you in detail and propose the optimal tailor-made solution.
On site or remotely.

Kitchen assessment

Do you need a perfectly functional solution for small and large commercial kitchens which is easy to maintain? We have developed and tested our products according to your needs. In addition, thanks to our solution, the discharged wastewater meets the strictest limits and the kitchen is environmentally friendly.

Design consultancy

Are you a designer and want to save time in designing suitable drainage or waste water system? Do you want to have a proposal accompanied by arguments and technical report? We design drainage for leading food companies. Functional, properly dimensioned, easy to clean and maintain.

Installation supervision

If you want to be sure that our products are installed properly, we are ready to support you directly on the construction site or through online services. We will make sure that everything is installed correctly.

Onsite welding

If you need maximum hygiene and at the same time want to extend the life of the entire drainage system, our onsite welding specialists are ready to help. Our team is ready to advise or provide you with a trained welder.