Building Drainage

Semi-standard and customised products

ACO semi-standard products

When standard article doesn't not match your requirements and you require slight modification of a standard product to be exactly what you are looking for, you can take advantage of an ACO semi-standard product. With help of product specification sheets, guides or various configurator applications, you can use to specify your ideal product article. Every ACO sales representative is prepared to assist.

Customise anything

Although standard and semi-standard articles have their advantages, there are cases, when exact requirements for applications need to be precisely met and you will require a fully custom product. Our customer service is ready to deal with any drainage specific challenge. Together with Research and Development, we will find solution, which will be taylored exactly to your requirement.

Standard product has its advantages

ACO Building Drainage product portfolio is designed to satisfy a wide range of applications and industries. The list of standard articles is regulary expanded to suit new applications and have inherent benefits. The products are available from stock, DXF drawings and BIM files are available online.

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