Semi-standard and customised products

ACO semi-standard products

When standard article doesn't not match your requirements and you require slight modification of a standard product to be exactly what you are looking for, you can take advantage of an ACO semi-standard product. With help of product specification sheets, guides or various configurator applications, you can use to specify your ideal product article. Every ACO sales representative is prepared to assist.

ACO protective cover

As part of the ongoing development of its HygieneFirst philosophy, ACO has launched a range of ACO protective covers. Designed to make installation of ACO drainage systems as easy as possible, the covers protect drainage systems from damage and maximise on-site safety for construction workers.

ACO covers protect drainage from general construction site debris and excess materials such as mortar which, when accidently introduced to the drainage system, can cause damage to channels and gullies and result in unnecessary cleaning costs. In many cases, solid waste pollution is so severe that excess materials can clog an outlet or pipe system completely and a costly restoration process then has to be undertaken to restore the drainage to its original state.

Certified to withstand the weight of a person, the covers also help optimise workforce safety by enabling workers to safely and easily move around a site without the need to look out for the uneven terrain, gaps and empty spaces that can be created in a floor by unprotected drains. Although this problem could be solved by installing gratings at the same time as drainage, the gratings would fail to protect the inside of the drainage from on-site debris. Gratings can also be exposed to a risk of theft on any building site.

Made from recyclable OSB wooden desks, ACO protective covers are easy to dispose of and pose no threat to the environment.

ACO hygienic L-shape and T-shape channels

ACO has become the first drainage provider to offer a longitudinally sloped drainage solution with the launch of the industry’s first L-shaped hygienic box channel. Designed specifically for use in hygiene sensitive environments, the channel has both a transversal and longitudinal slope down its entire length which means it can be completely and fully drained, and the risk of any standing water remaining in the channel is eliminated.

The new channel is hygienically designed to optimise hygienic performance and cleanability, and is ideal for applications where there is a requirement to drain multiple pieces of machinery using one drainage line.

The L-shape is patented by ACO and is available for hygienic box channel widths of 200 and 300 mm.

ACO L-profile edge

The L-profile edge is a configurable semi-standard optional edge for ACO gullies and channels for already some time. Although It has been specified as a custom solution for some projects in the past, it has been officially made available as an optional edge in 2017.

Here you can read more about previously introduced research thesis for the former L-profile edge design:

Since then, the L-shape edge has been specified for many projects according to different requirements from following market segments:

Customise anything

Although standard and semi-standard articles have their advantages, there are cases, when exact requirements for applications need to be precisely met and you will require a fully custom product. Our customer service is ready to deal with any drainage specific challenge. Together with Research and Development, we will find solution, which will be taylored exactly to your requirement.

Standard product has its advantages

ACO Building Drainage product portfolio is designed to satisfy a wide range of applications and industries. The list of standard articles is regulary expanded to suit new applications and have inherent benefits. The products are available from stock, DXF drawings and BIM files are available online.

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