Retention top sections Spin | siphonic drainage

Product benefits

  • Customer specific production of the retention top section:
    • Optional height
    • Optional discharge capacity
  • Low risk of contamination due to square opening
  • Easy assembly, cleaning and maintenance
  • The retention top section can be replaced/retrofitted if the drainage parameters change

Product information

  • From stainless steel, material grade 304
  • Building material class A1
  • Suitable for assembly on cold and hot roofs
  • Suitable for flat roof gullies Spin
    • DN 70 - DN 125
    • 1 and 2-piece
    • 90° and 1.5°
  • Flat roof gullies according to EN 1253-2
  • Fire protection for flat roof gullies:
    • DN 100 German approval AbZ: Z-19.17-1888


Further flat roof retention top sections/emergency gullies Spin can be individually configured on request in litre capacity and overall height.