Socket plug

Product benefits

  • Hygienic design following EN 1672, EN ISO 14159 and EHEDG document 8, 13 and 44
  • Resistant to thermal and dynamic shocks
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective installation
  • Sagging-proof
  • Non-combustible
  • Rodent-proof

Product information

  • For gray and black water, rainwater and industrial waste water drainage applications
  • For vacuum and gravity piping system
  • Double lip seal push-fit connection for easy and reliable installation
  • When used with ACO gully and ACO channel provides complex building drainage solution
Nominal widthDimensionsWeightItem

DN 40DN 50500.10417405
DN 50DN 58450.1098888
DN 75DN 85450.3098889
DN 110DN 120450.5098890
DN 125DN 135500.60419782
DN 160DN 170500.6098891
DN 200DN 210500.7098994
DN 250DN 260831.00417131
DN 315DN 325732.20417215
Nominal widthDimensionsWeightItem

DN 40DN 5050 mm0.10 kg417405
DN 50DN 5845 mm0.10 kg98888
DN 75DN 8545 mm0.30 kg98889
DN 110DN 12045 mm0.50 kg98890
DN 125DN 13550 mm0.60 kg419782
DN 160DN 17050 mm0.60 kg98891
DN 200DN 21050 mm0.70 kg98994
DN 250DN 26083 mm1.00 kg417131
DN 315DN 32573 mm2.20 kg417215