Top sections thin bed for gully body Wal-Selecta


Product information

  • The top sections are available in a standard and in a long version
  • Top sections with thin bed seals cover the following types of floor structures
    • Type D: Floor structure with thin bed sealing


Note: Top sections with slot widths ≤ 8 mm are suitable for barefoot areas.

Note: The top sections should be cut to size between the maximum and minimum adjustable heights depending on the version.

Note: It is possible to adjust the frame by 18 mm to fit the tile pattern using a sliding flange.

With adhesive flangeWith clamping flange min. H1H1 max.Multi-step height adjustment H2Item
30461208 / 115084.91.00
30461208 / 115084.91.11
304612018 / 215084.97.00
30462408 / 115084.91.01
304624018 / 215084.97.01