ACO Access Cover UNIFACE DEEP 65

Product benefits

  • Type tested and certified according to EN 1253-4.
  • Tested with space for tiles 15 mm (competitors covers tested completely filled with concrete)
  • Bolt locked – child safety
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Small corner parts
  • Secure installation – good connection with concrete (profiled frame or anchors)
  • Discreet product after installation
  • Easy tool for opening and manipulation
  • Water-tight and odour-tight
  • Meets declared load class up to B125 for all clear opening up to 1 m dimensions
  • Deeper cover allows infill of tiles, paving blocks, or natural stones up to thickness of 65 mm (adheasive included)
  • No risk – load class capacity guaranteed and certified
  • Secured in the frame by its own weight
  • Trouble-free removal and assembly

Product information

  • Corrosion resistant - Hot dip galvanized mild steel (≥ 60 µm of zinc) or pickle passivated stainless stee
  • Preciseness design
  • Less friction between frame and cover
  • No sharp edges – improved safety
  • Rolled profiles for galvanized version of the cover are made from innovative material UltraSTEEL®. It helps significantly reduce weight of the cover while maintaining the strength, stability and stiffness of the product
  • Rolled profiles for stainless steel version are made from conventional steel sheet in thickness 2 mm
  • Covers are double sealed for excellent water and odour-tightness