ACO ShowerDrain W – channelbody and gratings


Product benefits

  • Minimalistic design, it seems like the water runs into the wall
  • Minimum building height
  • Full access to pipeline for optimum cleaning
  • Welded stainless steel body, no risk of leakage
  • Vertical flange provides additional safety against leakage problems at the sensitive wall-to-floor-joint

Product information

  • Material: Stainless steel, material grade 304
  • Load class: K3
  • Internal channel width: 74 mm
  • Flow rate:
    • 0.4 l/s (without build-up)
    • 0.6 l/s (with 20 mm build-up as per EN 1253-1)
  • Outlet socket ND 50: Suitable for all push-fit pipe socket systems
  • Foul air trap: 2-part, removable
  • Flange design: Permanently cast-on for an optimum connection of a compound seal
  • Type of flange: Surrounding, rear wall flange
  • Mounting: Ready for installation
  • Total installation height:
    • 65 mm (with water trap 30 mm)
    • 92 mm (with water trap 50 mm)
  • Channel body: Pickle passivated
  • Grating: tileable cover, in the scope of delivery