Channel body ACO ShowerDrain E+, Installation height top edge screed: 92 – 140 mm (DIN EN 1253‑1)

Product benefits

  • Local secondary drainage possible by completion of the sealing
  • Sealing sleeve attached in the factory
  • Fulfils all sound insulation levels (SSt I-III to VDI 4100)
  • Free access to pipeline for optimum cleaning
  • Channel and gratings with electropolished surface for reduced dirt adhesion
  • Smooth-faced channel without disturbing components for optimal cleaning

Product information

  • Material: Stainless steel, material grade 304
  • Load class: Meets K3 requirements
  • Internal channel width: 80 mm
  • Flow rate:
    • 0.4 l/s (with 10 mm build-up)
    • 0.6 l/s (with 20 mm build-up as per EN 1253-1)
  • Outlet socket: Suitable for all push-fit pipe socket systems
  • Socket version: ND 40/ND 50
  • Foul air trap: 2-part, removable
  • Flange design: Permanently cast-on, factory attached sealing sleeve, with 70 mm overlap
  • Flange types: Surrounding wall flanges
  • Channel: Electropolished surface
  • Mounting: Ready for installation
  • Sound protection: Sound protection accessories
  • Integrated as standard
  • Total building height:
    • 105 mm (with water trap 50 mm)
  • Height adjustability: 48 to 74 mm using heightadjustable feet


Note: Special lengths on request.

Removable dirt trap

Suitable for
  • ACO ShowerDrain E+, C
  • To prevent pipes becoming clogged with hair
  • Made from plastic, material PP
  • Simple removal and cleaning
  • Suitable for retro-fitting
  • Minimal reduction in shower channel drainage of 0.04 l/s
  • Weight: 0.1 kg

ACO EasyStop

Suitable for
  • ACO ShowerDrain E+, C
  • Prevents drying out of the water seal in the odour trap
  • Material: Plastic with membrane insert and lip seal
  • DN 50
  • Weight: 0.1 kg