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Product information

  • Design gratings made of stainless steel
    • Square and round gratings
    • 5 designs
    • With electro-polished surface
    • Square gratings with locking device
Locking deviceFrameGratingItem

Design: Quadrato
ImageLockable149 x 149140 x 1405141.21.22
ImagePlaced loosely149 x 149140 x 1405141.08.22
ImagePlaced loosely1361275141.25.22
Design: Forest
Design: Wave
Design: Hawaii
Design: Mix
DesignLocking deviceDimensionsItem

ImageQuadratoLockable149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.21.22
ImageQuadratoPlaced loosely149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.08.22
ImageQuadratoPlaced loosely136 mm127 mm5141.25.22
ImageForestLockable149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.21.26
ImageForestPlaced loosely149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.20.26
ImageForestPlaced loosely136 mm127 mm5141.25.26
ImageWaveLockable149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.21.28
ImageWavePlaced loosely149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.08.28
ImageWavePlaced loosely136 mm127 mm5141.25.28
ImageHawaiiLockable149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.21.29
ImageHawaiiPlaced loosely149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.20.29
ImageHawaiiPlaced loosely136 mm127 mm5141.25.29
ImageMixLockable149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.21.30
ImageMixPlaced loosely149 x 149 mm140 x 140 mm5141.20.30
ImageMixPlaced loosely136 mm127 mm5141.25.30