Stormclean G-H

Product benefits

  • Simultaneous water cleaning via the removal of mineral oils, heavy metals and suspended solids
  • Technical filter already pre-assembled! Just plug it in.
  • 3in1 solution – sludge trap, technical filter, sampling unit in one tank
  • Tailored solutions available to meet individual project requirements
  • Optimal accessibility for maintenance, cleaning and disposal
  • As lightweight as plastic, as strong as concrete
  • Filter product life of up to four years (filter life may vary depending on the type of pollution being filtered)
    • Replaceable for the new material, available with specific item number

Product information

  • Inner parts made of PEHD
  • With integrated connection for sampling
  • Sludge trap included

DimensionsRequired top sections
H1H2D2T tankTotal length of tankTotal heightInlet/outlet difference
12945.F113404018005805060192013002 x DN 600
12946.F113404018005806110192013002 x DN 600

Filter set TF 1000 G-H

  • Weight: 714 kg

Filter set TF 1300 G-H

  • Weight: 920 kg