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Underground installation | full disposal

Starch separator FapuMax-P-B basic model

Features of basic model B:

  • Automatic retention of starch using the spray head
  • Disposal and cleaning by means of open cover
  • Odour generation during disposal
Starch separator FapuMax-P-DA extension stage 3

Features of equipment level 3:

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Fully automatic high pressure cleaning
  • Automatic filling by means of fill unit
  • Automatic retention of starch using the spray head
  • Automatic control of the disposal process
  • No odour generation during disposal
Top sections standard for separators
  • Top section with load class
    • A 15
    • B 125
    • D 400
Sampling shafts set 450
  • Complete sampling shaft set
  • Clear width cover: 450 mm
  • Load class: B 125 or D 400