Sludge Trap G-H

Product benefits

  • Simple to install, space efficient
  • Alarm device - optional accessories
  • Compatible combination options with Oleopator G without an integrated sludge trap

Product information

  • Horizontal tank made of glass reinforced plastic - no heavy machinery required, resistant material
  • Suitable top sections
  • Pipe connection using suitable push sockets or pipe connectors (no welded sockets)

Nominal sizeDimensionsACO belts
H1H2D2T tankL
12800.01NS 2001030980122029032802
12801.01NS 20016301580182029031452
12802.01NS 25015801530182034047053
12803.01NS 25018801830212034050654
12804.01NS 31518151765212040568655
12805.01NS 31521402090240036077127
12806.01NS 4002030198024004701060210
12807.01NS 4002030198024004701346512
12808.01NS 4002230218025904601570020