Sedismart G

Product benefits

  • Special internal structure for optimised sedimentation
  • Significantly higher efficiency than standard sludge trap
  • Conforms to DWA-M 153 type D24
  • Compact design

Product information

  • Vertical tank made of glass reinforced plastic - no heavy machinery required, resistant material
  • Inner parts made of PEHD
  • Suitable top sections
  • Pipe connection using suitable push sockets or pipe connectors (no welded sockets)
Scale drawing

Nominal sizeDimensions
H1H2D1D2T tankT tank height
12830.01NS 412101190100012404831693
12831.01NS 713051285120014006201925
12832.01NS 1113001280150017206281928
12833.01NS 2414151395220023407662181