ACO Sludge Trap G

Product benefits

  • Simple to install, space efficient
  • Alarm device - optional accessories
  • Compatible combination options with Oleopator G without an integrated sludge trap

Product information

  • Vertical tank made of glass reinforced plastic - no heavy machinery required, resistant material
  • Suitable top sections
  • Pipe connection using suitable push sockets or pipe connectors (no welded sockets)

Nominal sizeDimensions
H1H2D1D2T tank
12812.01NS 11069064012001400390
12813.01NS 11069064015001720540
1281401NS 16086081015001720570
12815.01NS 16086081015001720570
12816.01NS 2001080103018002040720
12817.01NS 25099594521002340805
12818.01NS 3151280123021002340770
12819.01NS 3151280123022002440720