Chemical-physical wastewater treatment

Product benefits

  • Compact, space-saving shape
  • Ready to connect, rapid to install
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Rapid top up of active agent (flocculant)
  • Suitable for waste water containing grease or fat, for ACO grease separators up to NS 25
  • Functions fully automatically with effective adjustment to kitchen's pattern of working

Product information

  • Chemical-physical waste water treatment to reduce concentrations of fats and oils in ACO grease separator gullies
  • Energy-saving and user-friendly automatic operation to treat waste water from restaurant kitchens
  • Touch panel
    • 7" colour touch panel
    • Process display
    • Inspection and setting of parameters
  • Dosing pump
    • Nominal pressure 3 bars (non-stop operation)
    • Maximum lifting performance 2 l/h
    • Power consumption 15 W
  • Circulation pump
    • Maximum lifting performance 300 l/min.
    • Maximum lifting height 10 metres
    • Power consumption 0.35 kW
    • Protection class IP 55
  • Controls
    • In-situ power supply 230 V/50 – 60 Hz/16 A
    • IP 54 protection type
    • Potential free contact for operation and fault report
  • Dosing liquid 125 kg


Note: For optimal operational safety, we recommend the installation / commissioning by ACO Service.

ACO Service (Germany) 036965 / 819-444

ACO Grease Flocculant

Suitable for
  • ACO LipuFloc ECO
  • Barrel of flocculant
  • Purely vegetable of renewable resources, no dangerous goods
  • High sustainability due to complete biodegradability
  • Produced sludge can be used as energy sources in biogas plants
  • Classified in the lowest water polution class
  • Weight: 125 kg