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Product benefits

  • Suitable for flow rates up to 0.5 l/s
  • Reaction to fire A1 material
  • Hygienic material

Product information

  • Applications:
    • Mobile snack bars
    • Mobile dishwashers
  • Can only be used with
    • Connection of 1 industrial dishwasher with a minimum washing time of 1 min. with a changeover time of 1/2 minute (total cycle time tz = 1½ Min.)
    • Rinsing water consumption of the industrial dishwasher pre-wash = 5 l
    • Alongside the dishwasher, max 1 item of equipment for pre-rinsing the dishes (briefly) can be connected.
  • Made from stainless steel, material grade 316
  • For mobile dishwashing equipment
  • With integrated sludge trap
  • Free-standing construction in frost-free areas
  • Cover with locking ring
    • Diameter: 350 mm
  • System ACO Passavant
    • Building Supervisory Authority approval Z‑54.6‑316
Scale drawing
Nominal widthContentsWeightItem

Oleomax Duo mit SchlammfangGrease storeOverallEmptyFull
ImageDN 501093220527301.30.40
Scale drawing
Nominal sizeNominal widthContentsWeightItem

Oleomax Duo mit SchlammfangGrease storeOverallEmptyFull
ImageImageNS 0.3DN 5010 l9 l32 l20 kg52 kg7301.30.40

Frame with castors

Suitable for
  • LipuMobil-P/LipuMobil-S
  • Stainless steel, material grade 316
  • With 4 feed rollers
  • Weight: 19.1 kg