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Floor drainage

Commercial kitchens are extremely busy environments with potentially wet and greasy floors due to the abundance of liquids used in both the cooking and cleaning processes.

Waste water can also contain fat which is a major cause of pipe blockages and cannot be released to the waste water system. The drainage system installed in commercial should not compromise its cleanability, durability and flow rate to not affect food safety, operational cost and health & safety. All those factors should be taken into depending on size of the kitchen, type of food being prepared. In the 5 star hotel kitchen or high capacity canteen will be different drainage requirements than in small restaurant or food court.

Specifying drainage for Commercial Kitchens

ACO hygienic drainage fulfils hygienic requirements to prevent harmful bacteria contamination. We apply relevant hygiene design principles reserved for food contact surfaces recommended by EHEDG.

Our product design ensures minimal build-up of food particles and debris as well as a safe connection with the surrounding floor.

Sleek slope function and hygienically designed products ensure our system is fully drainable eliminating the stagnant odour of waste water.

ACO drainage system can be easily maintained, reducing associated cleaning costs.

ACO’s advanced manufacturing technologies ensure durability and our special surface treatment guarantees corrosion resistance.

We provide expertise in drainage system planning, correct installation and creating a safe connection with the surrounding floor.

For additional safety in high risk areas that require heavy water usage is available slip resistant ladder and cast grating.

Each component of the drainage system is easy to remove and clean, and there are no sharp edges for optimum employee safety.

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