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Integrated system: quick installation and easy maintenance

Wide-ranging support

Aco offers a number of support services, making it easy to install and maintain ACO products no matter where you are.

Specification of the correct drainage and grease management systems is critically important. At ACO we have a team of experts who can provide you with the specification and technical advice you require for your foodservice business.

Local support services

Throughout the whole nation, there are local groups to help you with installation and maintenance

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Broad range of support materials

With videos, tutorials, manuals, and software solutions, you'll always have help at your fingertips

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Free consultation

We’ll help you design and/or install the most effective drainage system and grease separation for your kitchen

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Would you like to evaluate the condition of your commercial kitchen?

We will evaluates the condition of a commercial kitchen’s waste water management system including its drainage and grease management solutions. It also assesses how effectively the system works with surrounding areas such as floors and walls, and how it impacts upon the effective operation of a commercial kitchen. The methodology is conducted in line with recognized best practice standards including, standard defining grease separators (EN 1825) and HACCP principles.

The opinions of our experts, the views of the client and best practice recommendations regarding the operation of a commercial kitchen are all considered when identifying any current and potential issues.

ACO‘s team undertakes a physical examination of the drainage system and other key components of a healthy kitchen including flooring, grease management systems and general waste water management.

Collected data is processed in accordance with ACO procedures for review by our team. The ACO team analyses this information and evaluates the effectiveness of kitchen’s waste water management systems. Findings in key areas of waste water management such as drainage, grease separation, and the protection and clogging of pipework are all highlighted. The ACO team them compiles key recommendations for improvements. These recommendations are presented and evaluated with the customer’s team against its own processes, HACCP plan, standards, local requirements and needs.

ACO identifies key risk points within the waste water management system and compiles a list of recommendations to address these issues and maximize kitchen performance.

ACO also provides proposals which include recommended actions to minimize all risks, improve the efficiency of the kitchen, save operational resources and time and, if required, propose a specific drainage or grease management solution to the client.

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