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All you need to design a healthy kitchen

The specification of floor drainage and grease management solutions in commercial buildings is driven by the size and type of application.We provide high performance solutions that are engineered to meet individual project requirements and optimise building functionality.

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Cost-saving grease management

Aside from reducing harmful and unpleasant vapours, Aco’s grease management makes disposal and cleaning fast.

  • ACO's products automatically measure the grease layer, so the operator knows when they need emptying.
  • Automatic cleaning and disposal lead to reduced costs and increased safety
  • Stainless steel offerings are non-combustible and offer optimal hygiene
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Drainage designed with hygiene in mind

Improperly managed drainage can damage your food safety and create extra costs. Aco helps you manage drainage effectively.

Aco's hygienic channel proved to be 100x+ more efficient to clean than standard designs in a Fraunhofer study

  • Our product design ensures minimal build-up of food particles and debris as well as prevents floor cracks
  • Aco offers slip–resistant ladder and cast grating for high-risk areas
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