ACO ShowerDrain S+

Excitingly simple

The innovative ACO ShowerDrain S+ surprises with its simplicity as it designed with all installation phases in mind making the installation process simple, safe and convenient from start to finish. Convenient packaging simplifies the on-site logistics.

Height adjustment is carried out by means of plastic screws, which can shorten without any extra tools. The product offers toolless removal of the unused edge for installation directly on the wall.

Preassembled waterproofing membrane ensures reliable compound sealing. No additional work for floor tiles up to a height of 10 mm.

Easy installation

For a special seal in the housing, the workable sealing sleeve (W3-I according to DIN 18534-3) is prepared. During the construction house, this construction protection is carefully protected through a prefabricated building protection. The construction protection is provided by an excavation area for the exterior. When using the wall mount, the non-worn incendiary can be removed. The height adjustment is carried out by means of plastic screws, which can be used in the form of elaborate constructions. A fine adjustment can be made on the foot screw on the foot, as well as from both sides.

Functional Design

The elegant shower profile is best through its quality. The set in the shade is determined in this way and an optimal and cleaning-friendly disposal is ensured. In addition, the profile can be made around 80 mm, without dabbling on a single profile extension to the surface. The installation and installation of the shower profile is enormously enhanced by a field of reference - the ACO Pad. When the floor fleece is up to a height of 10 mm, the shower profile is used without additional heating operations. When the ground fleece with a height> 10 mm, the extension piece is used for installation.

Easy cleaning

Use the tip & flip function to remove the rust and without additional aids. After the discovery of the hair clipper, the cleaning closure can always be taken into account for cleaning and a free access to the pipe guide. The explosion closure and the exhaust body are designed to ensure that no radicals or cantilever are used for the dirt outlets, so that no standing water can be removed in the run. These properties in combination with a high discharge value for long-term compliance.

The most important at a glance

Plumber and planner

Innovative yet surpassingly simple design which combines the possibilities of a conventional shower channel with the installation advantages of a floor drain. At the same time, it matches all standard tile formats and fits perfectly into bathrooms, especially where a design flush with the niche is desired without lateral tile pieces.

Exhibition and investor, architect and planner

Manual cleaning is to void clogging and unpleasant odor. ACO ShowerDrain S+ is designed with continent maintenance in mind. All the inner parts are easily removable enabling the full access to the pipeline. Generous internal radii and outlet unit position at the bottom prevents any standing water or solid parts aggregation.

Simple from the start
Plumbing features

Convenient packaging

The two-part packaging has very practical advantages for the handover. Since the box of the floor drain only contains the components that are actually required by the plumber, there is no need to hand over individual or unpackaged parts.


The shower channel can be positioned centrally or directly on the wall. The protective cover has centering points as well as a pull-off surface for the screed layer. For installation directly at the wall, the unused wall side can easily be bent off without tools.

Height adjustment

The height adjustment is carried out by means of plastic screws, which can also be shortened toolless if required. The fine adjustment can be done through the use of the adjusting screw at the foot, as well as from above.

Length adjustment

The innovative ACO Pad provides even support points for the bubble level. The alignment of the shower channel profile is not a tippy affair, despite the existing gradient.

Alignment support

The innovative ACO Pad facilitates the alignment of the shower channel profile. The even profile transition in combination with the ACO Pad ensure stable contact points for bubble levels, which makes the tiler's work much easier.

Simple to the finish
Tiling features

Protective cover

When the waterproofing work begins, the protective cover for the construction period can be removed in a few simple steps. The oval protective cover, which is now separated, continues to protect the drain from dirt and is not removed until the tile adhesive for installing the profile has been applied.

Preassembled sealing membrane

The preassembled sealing membrane ensures reliable compound sealing. It is permanently connected to the drain during the injection moulding process and fulfils the tensile test according to EN 1253-1.

Comfortable alignment

The discreet gradient of the profile runs out evenly on both sides. The gradient compensation piece, the ACO Pad, in combination with the level profile transition ensures 3 flush support points for the bubble level when aligning the profile.

Tile height

For floor tiles with heights around 10 mm, only the pre-assembled shower channel profile needs to be installed. For higher floor tiles, the extension piece is used (e.g. natural stone).

Easy to clean
Self cleaning design

Electropolish surface

Compared to mechanical polishing, electropolishing optimizes the micro-roughness in such a way that the effective surface is reduced by up to 50 %, giving it a special, long-lasting shine. Such a refined surface offers hardly any points of attack for the adhesion of particles and standard in the field of sterile technology, more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Tip & Flip

By simply pressing a finger on the ACO logo, the grate can be lifted and removed with one hand. This means that no additional aids are required to remove the grate. Scratches or damages are avoided.

Simple to keep clean
Maintenance features

Integrated gradient

The elegant shower channel profile impresses with its continuous, even surface and high quality. The slope is discreet and ensures optimal and easy-to-clean drainage. Edges and plastic edging were deliberately omitted to prevent dirt from accumulating on these transition surfaces.

Free Access

Once the foul air trap has been removed, it can be easily disassembled into two parts, cleaned and reassembled. It also gives full access to the pipe for any necessary maintenance. The new trap has two outer grip areas that allow it to be removed without reaching into the trap, making cleaning more hygienic.